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We have a non-diluted way to fund your startup

We are the best professional team that obligate to match your business expectations to the maximum potential of your company's funding objectives

My Story

Moshe Aharon,
A technology-business manager leads various fields, which every startup company faces. Development of a demonstrative product with functionality to prove business-technological feasibility, a product that meets the customer's requirements, services for the company to manage its customers' requirements, mass production of the solution, and more...


The main problem to solve is
Optimizing the company's business model as an answer to the unstoppable reality is the same as for the changes that the clients face in their market. in any technological ecosystem or any small company that provides service or product developed, works on multi-business-technology objectives simultaneously facing that challenge - And that is the most common fail case for all startups.  
It creates risks scaled by time\funds\engineering\clients, without targeting revenues for providing some company values and viability for funding. it will be wise to make your client your advocate to any VC that might want to invest in your company.


As your business consultant, already in the first meetings, we will map your customers together.
My team will approach these individuals that were or are chiefs officers at the subject firms\global companies that have been presented by you. We provide them the privilege to be the first being approached for introducing your company supporting your company in business matters, opening doors, present you personally to the management of these selected firms. 
Some of them could be partners as private investors, being a part of your success. 

The advisory team, managed by my team will consist of professional managers who are owners or partners of global companies from the field that your company provides services, or investors from the same field.
My job is to make you start facing success, without any fear or second thoughts because we are making it together!

The business advice will be structured - which will help you define the near and far goals. The updated models will serve you further in the process of growing the company and determining the potential of the company for investment/


 Now, we will provide you the chance for making It worth the efforts

Follow these four simple steps - make it happen

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Haifa, Tel Aviv, Bea'r Sheva



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